My first Crèche

My first Crèche

My first Crèche

Mexico – Tijuana - 1991
author: unknown

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Once upon a time it was a litle Mexican nativity set…. I might begin this way the history of how I became a nativity sets collector.

I always felt a strong attraction for crèches even though all my activity for many years was devoted to displaying a conventional biblical nativity scene, with about 60 figures made out of clay, some 15 centimeters size, to visiting the Christmas markets and occasionally attending some exhibitions.

But in 1991, everything changed. At that time I lived abroad, and traveled often to several different countries. And in one of those trips, while in San Diego, California, my wife - Elena - went to the border city of Tijuana, in Mexico, and bought a little Mexican nativity which tops these lines.

That gave me the idea to collect Nativity scenes of the countries I was visiting, just as a souvenir. It was my only aspiration as a collector. Later, upon returning to Madrid I bought some South American nativity scenes in the nearby stores in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) and got excited.

And so I contacted family, friends and acquaintances abroad who helped me develop and significantly improve my collection. This improvement continued when I discovered the immense possibilities of the internet, which allowed me to contact shops and artisans from all over the world.

Thus, what started with a small Mexican Nativity has become a remarkable collection, with many countries of all five continents represented.

Fernando Pardo de Santayana

Revised and corrected translation by Mr. James L. Gova